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House-to-house collections

A ‘House to House Collection’ refers to the collection of money, or other property, for a charitable purpose. To do this you will require permission from the relevant Authority.

It is essential that the promoter of the collection is fully aware of the requirements of the regulation under the Act as non-compliance is an offence:


You must apply to your council for a House to House Collection licence if you want to collect money or goods (that you plan to sell at a later date) from people’s homes for charity. House to House Collection licences can be valid for anything up to 1 year. If you wish to apply for a licence you will need to contact your local council.

National Exemption Orders

Holders of National Exemption Orders do not have to apply for licences every time they wish to carry out house to house collections. Organisations generally obtain a National Exemption Order if they conduct a large number of collections across a number of Local Authority licencing areas. These are generally granted to larger charities by the Cabinet Office.

Local Exemption Certificates

In North Yorkshire and the City of York you can apply to North Yorkshire Police for a ‘Certificate of Exemption’ on the grounds that the purpose of the collection is local in character and the collection is likely to be completed within a short period of time (eg 2 weeks). As an example, Exemption Certificates would be relevant for charitable collections made by carol singers.

Exemption Certificates must be applied for at least one month before the collection is due to commence. You do not need to pay for a House to House Exemption Certificate. To apply for an Exemption Certificate you can either collect a form from your local police station, download the form and submit to your local station.

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