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Major incidents

The role of the Major Incident Public Portal

North Yorkshire Police does a great deal of work behind the scenes to prevent major incidents from occurring, and to protect the public from their effects.  We work closely with regional and national policing structures and other public services on preventative plans, and regularly test our responses through practical exercises to make sure we can respond quickly and effectively if we need to do so.

In the event of an accident or disaster that causes a lot of casualties, a terrorist incident, a major incident investigation (for example a murder) or a child rescue situation, we will quickly mobilize to deploy the necessary Officers and Police Staff to deal with the situation, and start to collect the information and intelligence that we need.  Sometimes that will include launching an appeal to ask the public to provide any information they might have that could help us.

To assist us (and other police forces) to do this in a major incident situation, the National Police Chief’s Council and the National Crime Agency have worked together to create the Major Incident Public Portal, or MIPP.

  • The Major Incident Public Portal is a website
  • We can use this website to publish basic details of the incident within minutes
  • We can provide any special contact numbers or emails that the public can use in relation to the incident, which means we can relieve the pressure on our Force Control Room, which may have to handle a very high volume of calls on top of the normal levels of contact
  • Through some simple forms and upload tools, MIPP also allows members of the public to provide us with information, photographs and videos that could be helpful to us in determining what has happened, and who has been involved or affected

The Major Incident Public Portal can be found at:  https://mipp.police.uk

If we put an incident on the MIPP, we will use the news section of our website, our social media feeds and the media to:

  • Inform the public that we have put an incident on the MIPP
  • Remind people how to access the MIPP online at mipp.police.uk  
  • Explain what information would be helpful to us, and how to provide it through the MIPP