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Christmas 2016

Top of the Cops: “We’ll help you be safe this Christmas… but help us help you!”

Watch your back Justin Bieber – North Yorkshire Police is gunning for the Christmas number one slot!

The force has released a music video called “Help us help you”, which pays homage to the festive favourite “We wish you a Merry Christmas”.

The lyrics, sung by an eclectic mix of police officers, Force Control Room team members, police staff and even a police dog, PD Buzz, have been adapted to highlight key safety and security messages:

  • enjoy yourself this Christmas but drink responsibly
  • keep your presents out of sight and secure
  • don’t drink and drive
  • if you need help, call North Yorkshire Police on 999 in an emergency or 101 for non-emergencies

The famous repeated chorus line from “We wish you a Merry Christmas” has been changed to: “We’ll help you be safe this Christmas…but help us help you”.

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick, who makes a cameo appearance in the music video, said: “The Christmas song and video is a fun way for North Yorkshire Police to get across some serious messages about keeping you, your loved ones and your property safe and secure over the festive period.

“Our teams of police officers, PCSOs, Special Constables, police staff and volunteers will be working throughout Christmas to provide assistance and support to those who need it, no matter what time of day, every day.

“If you need us, please do not hesitate to call the Force Control Room on 101 for non-emergency incidents or issues, or dial 999 if you require an emergency response.”

DCC Madgwick added: “As the song says, we are also urging you, the good people of North Yorkshire, to ‘help us help you’.

“You can do this by drinking responsibly, by keeping Christmas presents out of sight and secure in your home, and whatever you do, please don’t drink and drive and put yourself and others in grave danger.

“By following this advice and continuing to work closely with North Yorkshire Police, we hope you and yours will have a very enjoyable and safe Christmas.”

This Christmas we’ll be patrolling North Yorkshire’s roads to make sure that we keep you as safe as possible.

OTLUA Drink DrivingRemember, that extra drink is not worth it. We’ve seen the effects of drink and drug driving – they are devastating! We just want everyone to have a safe and happy Christmas. Christmas parties and family gatherings are often helped along with lots of alcohol. Simple personal safety measures can help keep you safe such as drinking within your limits, alternating with soft drinks, arranging transport home in advance.

Alcohol features heavily in many of the incidents we’re called to over the festive season. While we don’t want to spoil your fun, we do want you to stay safe and secure and have a peaceful Christmas. We see only too often the tragedy and heartache caused by too much drinking or drug taking. Christmas is the season of good will and we hope that everyone experiences this, whether they’re out partying, staying in, or choosing not to celebrate.

The drink and drug driving aspect is underpinned by Operation Attention which will see officers cracking down on drivers who put lives in danger by drinking or taking drugs before getting behind the wheel.

Help us help you keep your home and property secure over the festive season – don’t let burglars ruin your Christmas!


We’ll be working hard to keep you and your belongings as safe as possible. We’ll be out and about to provide a Christmas presence and reminding you to lock up and light up. We need you to help us help you this year, so remember to lock your doors and garages and keep your property safe.

Christmas presents under the tree look very inviting, but don’t be a shop window for thieves. Lock doors and windows and close your curtains. Never leave keys or handbags downstairs overnight.

If you’re shopping for presents online, stick to websites of brands you know, use strong passwords and check website security before you share your details. Further online safety advice can be found on https://www.getsafeonline.org/

If you’re going away for Christmas, let trusted neighbours and your Neighbourhood Watch know, cancel deliveries, and consider using automatic lighting on a timer, so burglars won’t know there’s no-one at home.

We’re working hard over the festive period, to make sure everyone stays as safe as possible. 

Domestic abuse is a crime and it ruins people’s lives. Unfortunately, we know that at this time of year incidents of domestic abuse increase. If you are a victim experiencing this type of abuse then please contact us. We have specially trained officers and support groups who can help you – we don’t want anyone to suffer in silence.

Domestic abuse is any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. Such abuse can include, but is not limited to, physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual.

If you don’t want to call the police, you may wish to contact Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS) on 03000 110 110 or visit their website www.idas.org.uk.

If you are worried that your partner has a history of violence, or if you are concerned for a friend or a family member, please contact us about the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme. Information can be found here: