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International Men's Day 2018

Today is international men's day, where we celebrate the contribution of men in our communities.

Police officers, police staff and volunteers (men and women) make a contribution to the well-being of communities every day, but on International Men’s Day, we’d like to take this opportunity to recognise our work of our male colleagues in policing in particular.

And with that in mind, we’d like to remind everyone of those men who have been recognised through our annual awards, both past and present, for their outstanding courage, inspiration and compassion.

  • Special Constable Raffi Aghanian who volunteered more than 13,000 hours for his community
  • PC Richard Baranovsky who chased and apprehended an armed man following a town-centre stabbing
  • Antony Byrne who put his own safety at risk to help a trapped and injured man on a boat on the River Ouse
  • PC Mark Reed, who disarmed a self-harming woman and helped her to get medical assistance
  • PC Peter Henderson, who made more than 250 arrests – a local record!
  • Sergeant Ed Simpson, who campaigned against the stigma associated with mental health
  • DC Jeremy Pratt whose compassion as an FLO has reduced the suffering in so many families
  • The Serious Crime Team – who were praised by the public for being “an absolute example of what the police should be”
  • PC John Wilbor whose dedication to tackling wildlife crime won him a National Wildlife Policing Award
  • Ken Richardson, the caretaker who keeps our HQ working smoothly in all weathers
  • Special Constable Rod Winter who made a special contribution to roads policing
  • the PCSOs who helped to contain a fire in a burning building
  • PC Mike Tinsley who tackled an intoxicated woman wielding a knife
  • the team who worked on a York drug-induced murder
  • DI Steve Menzies who raised nearly £75,000 for charities
  • the Serious Crime Team in Northallerton who pursued a ground-breaking nut allergy manslaughter case
  • DC Chris Ryan who tracked a criminal to Costa Rica to make sure justice was served
  • PC Xavi Lopez who prevented a potential double suicide
  • PC James Dunn who prevented a possible suicidal jump from a bridge
  • PC Lee Featherstone who helped to develop the processes for sexual orders that now keep people safe across the country
  • Special Sergeant Phillip Brett, who helped to develop the Special Constabulary response to disrupting travelling criminals
  • PC Richard Farrar, who tackled an abusive, knife-carrying suspect in York centre
  • PCSO Sean Simpson, who stepped in to help a women who was self-harming
  • PCs Russ Buckroyd and James Scott who helped prevent a suicide in the River Foss
  • the Volunteer Cadet leaders in Scarborough who have inspired young people in the area
  • the Operation Cursor team who tracked two missing vulnerable girls in a challenging multi-dimensional case
  • The Operation Clue team, who dealt with the death of Katie Rough, the seven year old who was tragically murdered
  • DS Jeremy Bartley who supported the family of victims of the terrorist attack in Manchester
  • Sergeant Simon Wilson whose charity work has meant so much to young people
  • Mick Gill, who has cared for literally hundreds of police dogs
  • Special Constable Andrew Berry, who has made sure people are safe, and feel safe, at major events in Scarborough
  • PC Michael Barker, who saved a man from a fatal jump
  • PCs O’Connell and Davies who brought a knife-wielding man under control
  • the Rural Taskforce, whose work has given rural communities new confidence in the service
  • DC Manzoor Mohammed who campaign for the rights of officers from black and minority ethnic communities
  • Ian Ventress, who cares for the welfare of those in custody – however challenging they may be!

Thank you chaps!