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Public safety and welfare

People think of us as crime fighters, but that’s not all we do to keep you safe. We also protect the public in many other ways.

Public safety and welfare

Assisting people with mental health issues

Many of the incidents we are called to involve people who are living with mental health problems. We are working hard to make sure that we deal with these people and situations in the most appropriate and sensitive way. Click here to find out more about the services we have implemented in partnership with the NHS, charities and other agencies.

Finding missing people

Thousands of people each year are reported missing to the police.  Many of these are missing only for a short period of time and are found safe and well, but in other cases we are involved in trying to track and locate the person. Sometimes people with dementia go missing. We have introduced the Herbert Protocol to help us with our searches for missing people with dementia. Read more here about the Herbert Protocol

Social media has proved very successful in helping the police locate missing people as we can get a message out to the public within minutes and it can be seen by thousands, sometimes, millions of people who can be our eyes and ears.

Protecting vulnerable people

Protecting vulnerable people is perhaps one of the most complex and sensitive areas of policing, and requires our need to increase resources, alongside ever-closer partnership working. The key to effectively prevent crime is the need to identify those at greatest risk and to act promptly to minimise that risk.

Tackling domestic abuse

We have seen a gradual increase in the reporting of domestic abuse across North Yorkshire. It has been suggested that the reasons for the number of increased reports include:

  • Increased publicity/awareness
  • Increased confidence in reporting
  • Increased education in schools
  • Improved multiagency working and information sharing together with increased referrals from Police including the specialised PVP units

We work in partnership with a charity called IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Services) which provides comprehensive support services to all those experiencing or affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Events and large scale public order

We have plans in place and a range on Officers on standby to meet any requirements of ensuring safety at public events such as summer carnivals, charity events and the ‘Tour de France’.

The major demand from North Yorkshire in terms of large scale public order is limited but some requirements for NATO and G8 conferences. We are aware of there being potential for incidents and events such as Ebola, domestic extremism and civil contingencies.

Community engagement

We have 19 neighbourhood area teams who work closely with the community to form and provide ongoing support to watch groups such as Neighbourhood Watch, Country Watch and Business Watch.

We find that our communities have a better understanding of their neighbourhood and recognise unfamiliar occurrences, people or vehicles and hear comments of anything suspicious and believe in the importance of investing our time in such groups.

Our neighbourhood Officers also provide crime prevention and safety advice relevant to a specific season, event, trend or area. Advice is circulated through an array of communication tools, such as, social media, website, community ringmaster, literature and community engagement events.

Preventing terrorism

We work nationally with organisations and governments to prevent terrorism from happening in the UK and North Yorkshire. Some projects in relation to terrorism include:

  • Project Argus  is a National Counter Terrorism Security Office initiative, exploring ways to aid you in preventing, handling and recovering from a terrorist attack.
  • Project Kraken is a national campaign which aims to increase vigilance along the UK’s coastline and navigable inland waterways
  • Project Pegasus delivers an enhanced ‘vigilance’ capability within the aviation community.