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Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS)

The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) allows organisations and their employees (such as street wardens, park rangers and security staff) to be given a variety of police powers to deal with issues such as anti-social behaviour, disorder and traffic management.

It recognises the enormous contribution made by local authority wardens and rangers, security personnel and those involved in the traffic management of some of Britain’s biggest events. CSAS aims to enhance that contribution through closer working with the police and by granting a limited range of legal powers to Accredited Persons.

More and more forces are committing to the use of CSAS powers, supported in turn by an ever-increasing number of organisations prepared to undertake the rigorous process of becoming accredited.

This in turn is providing our communities with exciting and innovative solutions to local problems, as well as giving invaluable support to police forces in increasing and varied challenges.

Which staff can be accredited?

An organisation which performs community safety or security roles may seek accreditation for its staff, regardless of whether they are in the public, private or voluntary sector. A wide range of different people can be accredited, including:

  • Local Authority neighbourhood and street wardens
  • Housing association and countryside wardens
  • Security guards
  • Park rangers
  • Hospital and university security staff
  • Fire and rescue service personnel
  • Housing association employees
  • Environmental health officers
  • Parking attendants
  • Stewards at sports stadia

How could my organisation benefit?

CSAS has shown clear benefits to accredited individuals and approved organisations. A series of case studies, conducted in January 2006, showed that CSAS were delivering the following benefits:

  • Recognition that your organisation meets standards of management, supervision and accountability
  • Recognition of the aims of your organisation and the important role it plays in increasing community safety and reducing crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour
  • Empowerment of employees, making it easier for them to do a good job and raising their profile within the local community
  • Improved working relationships with the Police and all those involved in the provision of community safety patrols leads to the development of a more coordinated and effective service
  • Recognition that the appearance, quality and training of employees meets a good standard
  • Improved career development for accredited persons with new skills and variety to their work


In order to accredit public or private company employees, they must have completed relevant CSAS training in the powers they are requesting, the length of the training depends on which powers you are seeking to gain accreditation for but the typical course is one week. It is the responsibility of each organisation to arrange CSAS training for their staff.


In order to receive accreditation each individual must be vetted by North Yorkshire Police. Vetting relies on the provision of personal information and, where relevant, financial details, and written authorisation for the appropriate checks and associated enquiries to be carried out. The purpose of financial checks is to assess whether applicants are, or have been, in serious financial difficulty, or show signs of financial irresponsibility to the extent they could become vulnerable to financial inducement.

What powers can I apply for?

Visit the Government website for a current list of CSAS powers please click on the following link.

How to apply for accreditation

There are different procedures for applying for accreditation for public sector and private sector employers. In the first instance please send an email with your contact details to: CommunitySafety.AccreditationScheme@northyorkshire.police.uk