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Missing people

The majority of persons reported missing return soon after their disappearance without suffering any harm. Sadly a small percentage will never return or may become a victim of a crime.

This is an extremely distressing experience for family and friends and not knowing what has happened can be particularly difficult. It can also be confusing for friends and families to know where to turn to for help. In some cases the police will assist if there is concern that the person may have come to harm, is vulnerable or may have been the victim of a crime.

In other cases, it is more appropriate for charities such as Missing People or tracing agencies to provide support and assistance.

When a friend or relative goes absent, you should always inform the police if this behaviour is ‘out of character’ and it is difficult to give a rational explanation for why they have gone missing. You should also contact the police if the person is unable to safely look after themselves or if they may harm another person.

There are a number of projects in York and North Yorkshire that can help young people who have run away from home or care. Check the Turn2 directory to find the nearest ones to you.

The UK Missing Persons Bureau is the UK national and international point of contact for all missing person and unidentified body investigations. It provides support and advice to police forces in order to resolve cases and acts as a hub for the exchange of information and expertise in this area. It also maintains the national database of missing and unidentified records.

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