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Preventing and tackling crime

North Yorkshire Police deals with hundreds of thousands of incidents every year, and we use special techniques to make sure that we provide a "bespoke" response to every incident, taking the circumstances and the needs of the victim into account.

Our approach to public safety is victim-centred, which means that we put the needs of the victim right at the heart of everything we do, and every decision that we make. To do this, we use a special decision-making process called THRIVE, and you can read more about this in the section about how we deal with a crime report.

As with many areas of policing, dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour can be complex and may involve action from other police forces and organisations. For that reason, we work collaboratively with police in other areas and local partners such as Councils, the emergency services and the NHS. Our Community Safety Hubs are a good example of how a partnership approach can be very effective in tackling anti-social behaviour, and make a real difference to local communities.

At North Yorkshire Police, no crime is ever treated as unimportant, but there are particular trends that are especially relevant to North Yorkshire, and on which we place a special focus.

Crimes against the person

National crime figures show that whilst acquisitive crime (for example burglary) has dropped significantly in recent years, the number of reported crimes against the person (for example assault, domestic and sexual abuse) are on the increase across the country. The statistics in North Yorkshire indicate that we are, on the whole, following the national pattern.

Although the crime figures are useful indicators, we can’t know for certain whether the uplift in the recorded crime figures indicates that the number of actual crimes has increased – or whether victims now feel more confident in reporting crimes than they would not have reported in the past. In recent years the police service has worked hard to reassure victims of domestic and sexual abuse or hate crime, that their story will be taken seriously and the police will treat them with sensitivity and respect. As a result, we are seeing more people come forward to report this type of criminal behaviour, which is a very positive development.

Regardless of the reason for the upward trend, North Yorkshire Police is committed to tackling crimes that affect the most vulnerable people in our society, and with that in mind, in early 2016 we boosted the number of officers dedicated to this area of work.

Rural and cross border crime

As a largely rural area, it is not surprising that preventing and tackling rural crime is a priority for North Yorkshire Police. The technical definition of rural crime is any criminal activity that happens in a rural area, so in many ways rural crime is “mainstream activity” for our officers and staff, and all of our resources are devoted to taking action. Nevertheless, we do recognise that some crimes are specific to rural communities (for example, livestock theft, poaching or damage to farmland or equipment) so we have put special measures in place to ensure that we deal with these issues effectively. You can find out more on our rural policing page.

One of the key issues for our rural communities is cross-border criminality. North Yorkshire borders six other policing counties, and around 20 per cent of the crimes in our area are committed by people coming in from outside of our borders. To help us to identify and disrupt these criminals, we have invested significantly in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. You can find out more about the use of ANPR, and how it is helping us to achieve results through operations such as Op Hawk elsewhere in this section.

Crime online

The growth of internet access has had a huge social impact and – unfortunately – it has also increased the opportunities for crime.  Cybercrime, or cyber-enabled crime, is on the increase, and there has been investment at national level to tackle this problem. At a local level, North Yorkshire Police has created a dedicated team of officers to look at economic and financial crime, as well as tracking down those who use the internet to groom and abuse children and vulnerable people.

Reporting crime and anti-social behaviour

We are committed to dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour – but for us to sort it, we need you to report it. If you have been victim of a crime, or if you have seen something suspicious that you think might lead to a crime being committed, please report it to us. Reporting a crime or potential crime is very important, and is NOT wasting police time.

To contact us about a crime or suspicious behaviour, call 101.  In an emergency always call 999.

You’ll find more information about contacting the police in our contact section.