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Project Alliance

Project Alliance is a multi-agency response to tackle organised crime by bringing together partner organisations from across the county.





Project Alliance complements the Governments Serious Organised Crime strategy and makes it easier for organisations to work together to make our communities safer.

It aims to disrupt and prevent a range of organised crime groups, involved in a range of criminality including drugs, human trafficking and modern slavery, child sexual exploitation and firearms offences.

Project Alliance brings together the police, city, district and county councils, fire service, community safety partnerships, health bodies, Revenue and Customs and other important partners and agencies, who will share more information, intelligence and expertise at regular meetings.

It also brings together the range of legal powers that specific organisations have, meaning Project Alliance members have more options when it comes to tackling, preventing and reducing offending.

Project Alliance was developed in response to the government’s aim of substantially reducing the level of serious and organised crime affecting the UK.

North Yorkshire’s response has been recognised by the Home Office as one of the best-attended multi-agency partnerships nationally.

Police officers, Specials, and staff at North Yorkshire Police have been told how they can play their part, even if they do not work in a role that directly involves organised crime.

The approach is built around a strategy called the 4Ps – Pursue, Prevent, Protect and Prepare in the fight against serious and organised crime.