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Use of force

As part of our commitment to openness and transparency, we publish data about our use of force.

The police are charged with maintaining order and keeping people safe. In fulfilling those duties, we will sometimes need to use force to protect the public and ourselves from harm.

Police officers and staff are confronted with difficult situations every day. They walk towards danger when others walk away, thinking and acting quickly to keep people safe. They are trained to use force proportionately, lawfully and only when absolutely necessary.

We will regularly publish data on our officers’ use of force – whether that is a form of restraint, handcuffing, use of a Taser or irritant spray. This data will provide greater transparency than ever before into how and why force is used; strengthening the vital relationship between the police and the public that is at the heart of our model of policing by consent.

You can download the data you wish to access via the links below. We also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Explanatory notes to help you understand and interpret these data.

Use of force annual summary 2017-2018[xlsx] Use of force annual summary 2018-2019[xlsx] Use of force annual summary 2019-2020[xlsx] Use of force annual summary 2020-2021[xlsx]